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Back over a hundred years ago the old farm collie, the descendants of Scottish collies brought over by settlers, was the dog to have: a worker, a farm manager, a nanny for the children, the quintessential companion.

For a number of reasons their numbers dwindled to the point where all thought they were extinct. Yet in the 1990's a handful were found, and the movement started. 


After up and downs of over a decade the Old Time Scotch Collie Association was created in 2010 to support the initiatives of individuals dedicated to saving the breed; research, registry, and standard. 

Colonial OTSC participates with the OTSCA whose missions are aligned to raise awareness of Scotch Collies, support the identification of unknown pockets of these heritage dogs and to breed new generations that fit the standard and legacy of Old Time Scotch Collies. Additionally, Colonial OTSC is located in Boston and specializes in the idea that these special multi-purpose dogs can thrive in just about any environment. 


Colonial OTSC current breeding dam is Ciara.  She was raised and socialized in Boston and has shown herself to be quite capable in a multitude of situations.  She has experience in sports and has been sheep exposed.   

The breeding philosophy is to choose stud dogs who compliment Ciara and allow for the furthering of the OTSC hallmark characteristics of biddability, work able, companion dog who is also confident and attuned to their people. 

We are also dedicated to the idea of ensuring the genetic health, to the extent possible, and thus all dogs in the breeding program are tested so best breeding decisions can be made.   

Puppies also undergo a variety of experiences during their formative weeks and Colonial OTSC utilizes the Puppy Culture protocol and Volhard Testing. 

All those interested in a Colonial puppy must complete an application and at minimum  phone interview.  Preferences will be taken into account in terms of first picks however a proper fit of temperament and environment is paramount. 

Our next litter is:   October 2018

Stud: Glen Craigean Cormac "Wallace"-  Wallace is a well known OTSC whose biddability, sagacity, and loyalty to his homestead and to his people are renowned.  While he takes his job seriously he is also adept at adjusting to being a snuggle bug in the house.  

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